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About us

Haven Houseplants was founded in 2020 by Ed Merritt, a self-confessed houseplant addict. We’re committed to providing quality plants for great value.

Our Baby Plant Club was created to give houseplant enthusiasts and beginners keen to learn more an affordable way to grow their indoor jungles while learning more about their plants in the process.


It’s easy to buy mature houseplants “off the shelf” but if you’re willing to put in the time and effort, there’s no reason for houseplants to cost the earth. Baby plants offer an affordable way to build both your plant collection and a stronger connection to nature at the same time.

You’ll feel more engaged with, and take more care of, plants you’ve nurtured from a young age. Seeing them grow is incredible rewarding and these plants will have adapted to your specific environment and will be hardier than any plant that has spent most of its life in a greenhouse.


We don’t think you need a horticultural degree or mystical green fingers to look after plants. Our Plantcare section and info cards are there to help you look after your plants.

Share your progress

Use the #BabyPlantClub hashtag on Instagram to share your baby plant photos with us. We’ll add our favourites to our story (with full credit of course).